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Numerology Number 9



So far we have seen nature of 8 different numbers, In this post we will analyze about the persons who reformed this world and declared that peace is everything. These are the persons who have created civilizations in this world and also the same one to destroy them in the name of war. One can see them in this world as both engineers as well as soldiers or warriors. In numerology number 9 is ruled by planet mars, and people born on 9,18 and 27 or lifepath number 9 comes under this category. These persons are fondly called as “Martians” Apart from numerology point of view, let us understand some tantric meaning of this number 9. Shakti or sacred force is denoted by number 5,

In hindu mythology shakti of creation is symbolized by lord ganesh as number 5, and shakti of destruction is denoted by number 4 and its symbolised by lord skanda (both ganesh and skanda are sons of lord shiva) The sum of these two shakti’s is what these universe is all about ! and number 9 is the symbolic representation of this. Number 9 is a part of number 5, as numerology says number 5 and number 9 are like iron and magnets. Even the veda’s agree to this. Now this number 9 which is ruled by planet mars is indestructible as energy can never be created of destroyed.

In ancient days, people invented numbers by counting their numbers but they found out that number 9 was very special as any number added with 9  will result in original number and multiplied with 9 results in number 9 only. for e.g.  7+9 = 16(again 16(1+6)=7) and 7×9=63(6+3=9)=9.

Now lets analyze the nature of numerology 9 born persons. Persons born on 9 are born to fight in this life. even the most wise persons born on this number are destined to fight mentally in instances like feats,treachery,sycophancy,politics. The fight can be mental or physical or both, it depends upon the social stature of the person, a common man will fight the society for his reasons and an aristocratic may fight with his own abilities. Number 9 born persons are efficient in art of conversation, they are never frank speakers whereas they speak according to the situation. its difficult to whats in their mind. They are not passionate about fine arts or artistic things, but they are always fascinated by wars,violence and religious atrocities. Numerology 9 borns are well versed in the art of war! They can even be seen as goondas or gangsters or local dons. At the same time number 9 borns are very patriotic and will do anything for their country, this is the reason one can find many soldiers in any country’s army or navy or air force has number 9 borns.

Number 9 borns in numerology have the passion to even sacrifice their life for their country. Basically they will act according to their own, they dont get intimidated by others. When it comes to decsion making, whether at home or anywhere they word is the final law and if they see anyone objecting to that then one can expect a war declaration from them. Nine borns are great strategist, they will assess each and every situation only by analyzing whether its favourable to them or not. These persons will make peace with someone only if they find that they will gain something from that. They are highly calculative in everything. (Note: Chankya – the great political advisor is also 9 born) Many warmongers can be seen in this date, and also martial arts legends, bruce lee and mike tyson are both 27 born! Napolean Bonaparte is 18 born!They never retreat or surrender, their motto will be fight to death ! 9 borns Numerology possess supernatural dreams,clairvoyance, and they can foresee many good things in dreams. Nine borns love to spend money on their own, they usually dont spend too much  for others, but they will have great respect for elders.

If mars link is strong, these people will have severe alcoholics and chain smokers. One of the most great quality of a 9 born person is that if an age old or elder person approach them with mercy and kindness they will turn very emotional and embrace as their best friend for time.

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  • magdalena

    My birthdate is 15-06-1941. I suppose it is no.9
    However, I cannot find myself as you described for no.9 numbers. I do hate wars and fights and I am very interested in philosophical matters and in arts. blessings, Magdalena

    • Yes, you are lifepath 9, but more than that your birth date is 6, the birth date tells your basic character, your true nature, and your dislikes and likes, and lifepath is the one which influences major things in your life like your marriage partner, your job, your house number, your children, your future events etc.. The numerology prediction i have given here is for 9 borns, i.e. born on 9,27 and 18. But your nature will be attributed to 6 borns as you are 15 born. Though you ll share some strong qualities of 9, it will be 6 which determines your nature, and 9 which influences your life. You can See more about number 6 born to understand the similarities in your nature.

  • magdalena

    Thank You for your excellend explanation.
    blessings Magdalena

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  • vikram Khatri

    hi, my name is Vikram Khatri. DOB is 30/ 03/ 1982. as i can understand from the info here, my life path no. is 8. and my name adds up to 60. but according to your literature it should be 50 or 59 etc. can u suggest me how to rectify this anomaly. i have faced many hurdles in life up till now, i always experienced that when my turn comes, the things and circumstances becomes adverse for me. please answer.

  • vikram Khatri

    hello, my name is Vikram Khatri, DOB- 30/3/1982. i have just posted a comment. i just want to tell you that if i replace my caste (Khatri) by my subcaste (Kiri) and tweak my name to( Vikraam), then combination of no. 23(from my name) and life no. 26 (from birth date) comes. it is okay?? can u throw more insight on this puzzle. Please answer

    • Yeah, Vikraam Kiri comes 23, 23 is the most powerful number in numerology, when used by a 8 born it gives all the benefits to them. Just go on

  • For 9 born, name in 9 is the best. then comes 5 or 6

  • pranay kaul


  • Manish

    sir, my name is Manish Varia that comes to 30, but i use as Manish V Varia that comes to 36, is 36 numbers lucky for me?my birthdate is 9th Oct 1969, that is life path is 8.
    So sir can you please tell me which number is lucky for me?
    Is No 5 is not good for me as my life path (total Birthdate) is 8.

  • Md. Alamgir


    Sir I changed my name ——–Alamghir Baksse ——-and my date of birth is 10.11.1983 these combination are best for me ? or any changes, and how is no. 46

    Thanking you
    Alamghir Baksse

  • Ravi kumar b

    My name is Ravi kumar B and number comes 27 and date of birth is 25 may 1968. i want know wheather name is harmonious r not. if not what is suitable matchin number for my name pls help me soon, finally i want to thank u for ur wonderful work and helpin others. how is my future n career im married with two childrens. bye tc

    • The numbers are harmonious and very good. No need to worry at all

  • Md. Alamgir


    How is number 19 ?

  • Suren R

    hello sir,

    just a humble request;

    can u post about name number 59,


  • suresh bhupathii b

    hi how r u , i came to know that in 2012 there will b a big disaster in world. may i knw is it true , time n date is 21 dec 2012 5 : 41pm. thank u

    • Many saints say that there is a possibility, but all enlightened people and Saints are doing great meditation to avoid it. Whether its too late or not only Time will tell

  • chetan

    Hello Sir , first of all i would like to appriciate ur wonderful works n efforts for ur website. Really im very happy to read ur blogs u hav mentioned, birthday number is 8 and life path is 9 and name comes to 5. i have changed my name from 6 to 5 after reading ur number 8 blogs. sir my question is that my U HAVE TOLD THAT LIFE PATH NUMBER 9 AND NAME NUMBER 5 SHARES LOT OF MAGICAL COMBINATION HOW FAR IS IT TRUE SIR. COZ I HAV SEEN MANY NUMEROGIST SAYING THAT NUMBER 5 AND NUMBER 9 ARE NOT COMPATIBLE IS IT TRUE OR WHAT PLS HELP ME IM IN CONFUSE STATE OF MIND .


  • Md. Alamgir


    I buy a numerology book in this a chart of alphabet value., So when I find a value of “KEBRA” he give 19 and then I find the value of “KEBRA” in your site he give 12 so I facing this problem please help.

    In below chart in my book.

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    a b c d e f g h I
    j k l m n o p q r
    s t u v w x y z

    • The values you used is pythagorean which gives 19. I follow chaldean, chaldean is accurate than pythagorean, Pythagorean is a derivative of chaldean

  • Uday Kumar

    Hi Md. Alamgir,
    The book which you bought is based on Pythagorean numerology. But this blog follows Chaldean numerology which is older and accurate than Pythagorean numerology.

  • Md. Alamgir


    I want a name for my small business I decide name is KEBRA so this is good or bad. Please help.

  • Murali

    Hello sir,
    Full name: Murali Venkata Krishna Rao
    Surname: Koppuravuru
    Dob: 27/12/1988
    The name on all of my certificates is Koppuravuru Murali(=71) and everybody calls me Murali(=17). What name numbers will be good for me and suggest me the name changes which will be good to me.

    • both the name are not favorable for you. 71 is strictly avoidable

  • Deepthi

    I heard that girls with lifepath 9 will have troubles in their marriage life (My dob is 02/Sep/1987). Is it true? If yes, why? How can we avoid them.

    • Not always and 100%, but mostly the chances are there, It cant be avoided completely using numerology, but can be minimised by having name in 5, but they should be cautious of love relationships as 90 % it may turn out to be failure

  • Deepthi

    Thank you sir. One more ques. One of my very good friends proposed me recently. His dob is 05/Nov/1986 and name number is 27. How far he is compatible to me? If I accept his proposal, will our love become successful(as you said having 5 in name causes love failure)? Shall I change my name to Deepti(=27) to get success in my love? How will be my life with him if I marry him. Waiting for your reply.

    • No, 5 in name doesn’t cause love failure, i said, 9 lifepath woman may have love failure atleast one, it has nothing to do with 5. All you have to do is be cautious and not be emotional. You can very well love this person, but the prospects of marriage cant be predicted with date of birth alone, ones horoscope has to be seen to predict it. but if you marry him, you will lead a happy life

      • Deepthi

        Hi Sir! Kindly remove my posts (with the name “Deepthi”) in this page as I have requested you to do this previously also. Please don’t mind sir. Thanks in advance.

  • Murali

    Thanks sir. I have chosen some names. See them and suggest me the best one. (My DOB is 27/12/1988). I feel happy if you suggest even any other name apart from these.
    Murali Krishna(=36)
    Koppuravuru Murali Krishna(=90)

  • Deepthi

    Thanks a ton for your valuable reply!

  • Shalini Ganeriwala


    Thanks for the wonderful information
    Kindly suggest a suitable name change for me as well

    Name: Shalini Ganeriwala
    DOB: 18 . 8 . 1981
    Time of birth: 11.53 am – Location – kolkata

    Current Name number is 47
    I was thinking of changing my name to Shaline Ganeriwala – 51

    Your expert opinion will be highly appreciated

    • Shaline Ganeriwala is v good option, for 18 and 9 birth numbers, number 51 is ideal choice. All the Best

  • Murali

    Thanks sir. I have chosen some names. See them and suggest me the best one. (My DOB is 27/12/1988). I feel happy if you suggest even any other name apart from these.
    Murali Krishna(=36)
    Koppuravuru Murali Krishna(=90)
    Kindly reply me.

  • John

    My name = 18-18-18 or 9-9-9 or 9 all together, This was a very strange discovery to. What does this mean. many things in my life are directly linked to the number 9. in a very bizarre way

  • John

    Hello again,
    Could you please help me.
    john=1755=18=9, middle=2131317=18=9, last=46215=18=9, my name is, according to chaldean numerology, 999 the 3rd. this is very strange to me. Does this have any meaning.
    thank you

  • Deepthi

    Hello sir,
    I request you to remove one of my previous posts which is regarding the compatibility about me and one of my good friends. Hope you will do it. Thanks in advance.

  • Christina

    Was born on 6-18-1972. Won’t post my name, but was wondering if this was a lucky birthday. My Life Path is a “7”. I have an appreciation of the arts (especially reading literature, music, paintings, going to museums, etc;…) Also draws, creates artwork and writes too. The only thing that is true is that I fight a lot. (By fighting, I don’t mean with others — who I AM intimidated by, and who do frighten me … but, as far as my physical/emotional ailments which are near debilitating, and by those who misunderstand me because of my difficulty in communicating. My significant other’s life path is “9” and his birthday is 7-12-1975.

    • Life path as 7 is a gifted one, where one can be in their True Self without any pretentiveness

  • Christina

    Ah correction, his \birthday is 7-12-1979 🙂 Sorry for the mistake 🙂

  • Deepthi

    Thanks for accepting my request sir.

  • John

    I am back again just hoping you will help me understand my birth name, for the questions I had on 11-2 and 11-3 on this site.

  • Murali

    My name is Murali (17) . My DOB is 8-Feb-84. My father name is Eswaran. All my certificates shows name Murali.E (22). Is that lucky name for my DOB? And also i wouldn’t like change my name.? which one is best murali or murali.E for my DOB?
    Also please give me some details about my future. Actually i do have big plans in my life. is that achievable with this name and DOB combination? Also my name written in my horoscope is muthusamy. But i am using murali only.. My ambition is to become a multimillionaire in life. Please advise me how is my money values in my life…. Eagerly waiting your responses.. thanks

  • s.suresh balaji

    Hi sir:
    i had born in 14-10-1987 and my name number is 36..sir I need to know is my name is a correct one for my birth date or-else I need to change my name sir..If changing means please give a best letter incuded in my name s.suresh balaji sir ,,thank you..
    waiting eagarly for ur reply message sir

  • Ananya Chatterjee

    hello sir
    my birth date is 09/09/1983. life path is 3.can you suggest what career would be suitable for me?My birth name is ANANYA CHATTERJEE..what would be my suitable destiny number?


    • Any Career in Management, Business Communication, Management Consultants, Banking Consulatants, Finance Consultants

  • yogesh kwatra

    My dob is 09.12.1966 should i change my name, pls advise, what you have stated above, most of it is true i can relate myself to it, i mean i love wars, violence & i love my country but since wars are not happening i would like a sensible direction to my life so pls advise
    Thank you!

  • Handy

    dear sir, I have a birth date of 3-12-1974. I wanna hear ur opinion about it, and how it might be somehow related to the date 21-12-2012. Thanks before.

  • anon

    hello, i am a life path 5 with a birthday 18/9.
    my name is a 12/3.

    i was wondering if this is the best for me and if not which numbers can i change it to

    thank you so much in advance.

  • how about

    lifepath number 7 and lifepath number 9 for love
    lifepath number 5 and lifepath number 7 for love

  • yugenderan

    sir, im borned on 9.2.1991, birth num 9 and life path is 4, my current name is under 37, is this ok? if not whats the best number?

  • chowdary.sudhakar

    my name chowdary.sudhakar Dob 09/01/1972 is there any changes to my name
    I am doing lic agency which is going so so and doing shares business which is in losses kindly suggest me ur valuble suggestion. I am signing as ch.sudhakar is it correct or not . signing crossly from down to up is it correct. waiting for ur valuable reply



    my fate number is 37.

    my name number is also 37 as of now. i am preparing for IAS exam. As i know many people who have 23 or 41 or 50 has been getting first ranks. examples: S.Nagarajan,Shubhra Saxena etc.

    Please kindly help me sir


    my date of birth is 16.04.1979

  • S Vijayan


    My original name is this. But i changed into 37 after consulting a numerologist.

    In fact, i could see the difference also.

    But my doubt is that at present i am preparing for IAS Exam( For collector post). When i see the result of toppers in this exam,they are all with 23 or 32 or 41 as name number i.e S.Nagarrjan, GA.Rajkumar, Shubhra Saxena

    Please do kindly guide me regarding this. Or can i accept AS RAAJ VIJEY as my name number as it is suggested by one of the numerologists.

  • S Vijayan

    my date of birth is 16.04.1979. Born at 7. 15 am. In Chennai.

  • jay iyengar

    My date of birth is 9th december 1972.
    My name is Vijayakumar Iyengar. What name should i change to be more lucky,successful

    Thanks a lot for the good work


  • S Vijayan

    Thanks a lot sir. But which one should i choose? please do kindly suggest me. Besides, can anyone adopt 5( 23,41, 50) as name number?

  • S Vijayan


    Which one should i choose? 23/41
    Please do help me in this regard


    sir ,

    my name is s.senthilkumar
    my dob is 09.12.1983

    i need change for name plz give a lucky name.

  • Sujay Sahu


    My name: Sujay Sahu
    DOB: 27/11/1967

    Wife: Sonia Singh Sahu
    DOB: 15/11/1970

    Child: Praavir Sahu
    DOB: 30/12/2007

    Please advise if we are a compatible family or do we need to make changes.

    • ameer

      it will  better for you at last but you need to slow too much dont be hurry if you can do that  you will be happy ok

  • Cortne

    I am a life path 9 (July 23, 1977). My first name adds up to 26 and my 1st and last names together add up to 56/11/2. (using chaldean numerology chart) You had suggested in one of your articles to have my name total 27. Could that be just be the 1st name? or should it include the last name as well?
    Also, I was born in the 7th month of the 77th year on the 7th day of the week; the 23rd day of the month at 12:23 p.m. Is this special in any way?

    • Yes its the first name alone that comes 27. Its better not to include ur last name

  • s.keerthi

    my daughterinlaw born date :27-01-2010,time :2.10pm.
    sirname:sanati,full name:keerthi
    plz check the numerlogy in name vybrations
    plz tell ur suggestion her life good health and development
    reply urgently

  • G.Selva Kumar

    Please let me know my name number and whether it is good? Also kindly advice if any changes has to be made for betterment?

  • kubendhar

    i have a very big PROBLEM in handelling my younger brother in all mater i am a failer . what or how zhall i get out of my bro grep ,he will not lizten to me zo i have to arjuzt or modify myzelf i am totally lozt plz help me or give idea plz

    my name – kubendhar my dob 25-05-1973 ( 7 – 5 )
    bro name – nanda kumar bro dob 09-09-1978 ( 9 – 7 )

    i need a real life zolution or relife

  • HTT

    hi, my DOB 17.11.1988 so my birth number is 8 and life bath number is 18.Is my life goin to be full of turmoil. My full name number is 76.First is 16, middle 25 and laste name is 35.I read that 8 borns should have their name come to 5 but I don’t want to change my name. My first and middle name numbers equals 41(16+25=41) though. What to do?

  • Anu


    I would like to know if I’m born on the 9th and my life path number is 7, which would be a more suitable name number, 32 or 45 (that is 5 or 9)?

    I intend to excel in the art/media field so would like to know which name number would be more beneficial numerologically.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • Mansi Talwar


    Whatever you have mentioned completely fits my persona! I have been categorized as a fighter, mostly in the negative sense. MY DoB is 9 Dec 1981. Do you have any suggestions per name for me?


  • Amarnath S Naidu

    My name is Amarnath S Naidu
    DOB 27.08.1975
    Time of Birth 12Hrs.12Min afternoon
    my life is desperately a Martian, well what can i learn/know from you sir.

  • Murali

    Hi Saravanaji, My full name is Koppuravuru Murali(=71). My dob is 27th Dec 1988 (9 & 2). Everyone calls me Murali(=17). Suggest me a name change. Which name numbers suits me? Of the following, which suits me well?
    Koppuravuru Muurali (=77)
    Koppuravuru Muralii(=72)
    Tell me if there any other numbers which are better than the above.

  • H

    Is 36 a divine number? What does it mean as a life patch number?

  • bella

    My first name is number 11 my middle name is 7 my last name is 1 my life path number is 5. I want to change my last name and maybe the spelling of my first name i was wondering if you know what my name number should be for things to always go smothly and o attract luck.

    • you must provide their birth date to analyze the naming option

  • bella

    In changing my last name I would like to change my daughters last name as well her life path is 9 her name her whole name now comes to 61 which is 7 i was wondering if its a good idea to change her name it will = 5 if i change it or is there a better suited number for her please let me know. thank you

  • Grace

    Dear Sir,
    My complements! Your writing and the info you share here is awesome and much appreciated! Many Blessings!

    My name is Grace Lourenco and my B’day is 06/25/1961! I was born in Lisbon Portugal at around 9pm!

    Any info you could provide, would be tremendous!! Much Light, Joy and Peace

    Warmest Regards,
    NYC, USA

    • Grace,

      Your numbers are very good, You are a profound spiritual person, a humanitarian, and a doer of good. A Samaritan too ! Your spiritual journey will take you to places, In your simplicity lies beauty. My intuition says your Aura is good

  • Geetha

    Dear Sir,

    My son was born on 18.06.2010 (9 & 9). What is the name number should I go for?
    Please advise us.


  • Devan Anand

    Dear Sir,

    My DOB is 9th Jan 1976, I would like to know which business is suitable for me. and is any necessity to change my name.

  • Karthik

    Hello Sir,

    I got married on 19-April-2009 and registered it on 28-April-2009.
    Even though both the dates are 1 and 7 combination,I was told that dates matters a lot.19 and 28 have different energies.
    Also after marriage i have seeing a huge loss in my business, not sure whether it is beocz of my marriage date or becoz of my bad moves.

    Please share your opinion.


  • Aanil

    Is it true that name numbers 27 and 45 does’nt suit a 2 born or people with life path as 2??

    • Ranjay Mitra


  • Aanil

    I found the information in thefollowing website..

  • shayanthine

    hi i was born on 27.4.1993……. i wannwa knw whether it is good 4 me? plz tell abt my studies…………. plzzzzzzzzz

  • irena

    can you please let me know if this name change is good born on febuary 4/2010 the name=64 with the change depending on how the name is spelt it would be either a 42, 37, 33 can you please help any advice, also if a last name equals an 8 or 18 can that ruin the whole name number .

  • Suresh

    dear sir,
    my name suresh n DOB is 25-10-1984. i would like to know any name correction for success in job.

  • P.S.Mondal

    I have been following your writing for quiet some time. I am a number 9 person and some of my friends are also number 9. After reading your write up regarding number 9 it seems that number 9 people do not have anything good! I agree with you that number 9 are born fighters but I don’t think that most of number 9 are chain smokers or drinkers or even calculative. I disagree because I know lot of number 9 (both as life path no or as birth number) and they are really doing good in life and are not at all calculative nor even chain smokers or drinkers. Infact I can give lot of examples where I have friends of numerology 6 where they are promiscuous, drunkards and loves to party always and are very calculative and even selfish…so what do you have to say about this? Maybe what you are writing here is in general and its true that I don’t know the whole world!

  • Kate

    My DOB is 27-07-1992. For change of name, please suggest what name number I should choose..

  • Deepthi

    Hi Sir! Please remove the posts with the name “Deepthi” here I have requested you previously the same and you replied me positively. But I still can find the posts here. Kindly remove them. Thanks in advance.

  • Ram

    Dear Saravanarajendra

    I was born on the 18.10.1988, so my birth number is 9 and life path is 9, what exactly would this mean?


  • Rohitukey

    Dear sir, my birthday is 18/8/1988, i wanted to know about my carrier and i am doing master in art history. i want know about my future partner and i like one girl tell me about her also…

  • Chubbyidli

    is it suited for both male and female

  • Umashankar

    Heartly Thanks….for information

  • Umashankar

    Heartly Thanks…..for information…..Pls carry on…..

  • Umashankar

    Heartly Thanks for givan information…please carry on.

  • nr

     I am curious – what number should we use when determining characterisitics ? Should it be birth number or life path number. What takes precedence? For example my daughter was both on 9th, but has life path 8. So is she a 9 or 8?

  • harshit bhatia

    i m born on 9 january 1993 i m doing chartered accountant . is this course good for my future

  • Balakrishn

    Hi Sir
    My name acc to Certificates is BEDUDDOORI BALAKRISHNA (68) & DOB 27-7-1987
    But in all my Bank A/c and Company profile & Pan card etc is BEDUDOORI BALAKRISHNA (64)

    I do my Signature as BALAKRISHN (25)

    Plz advice me on which is the best name for me of all of them..or Do I need to change to B BALAKRISHN (27) to sign my name..

    Your advice is highly appreciated and many thanks in advance..!!