Numerology Number 3


In my previous posts we  saw about the traits of number 1 and number 2 born people. Now i will share about the nature and characteristics of number 3 people. Before going to analyze the characteristics of number 3 people, let us get to know the roots of number 3. This world is made up of energy components, the yin and yang energy or the male and female energy or call it as shiva and shakti, the universe if made of energy and its energy fields which rule this earth and us. What does energy got to do with this number 3 ? Well, number 3 signifies energy fields in numerology. People born on 3,12,21,30 comes under number 3 born. Number 3 is synonymous with motivation and tireless hard work and has produced finest leaders to this world. Number 3 people can be seen as greatest leaders, patriots, Marine commandos, defense officers,socialists and finest personalities.

Basic Traits

By birth number 3 born people are humble, simple, and obedient to elders and their higher officials. They can be seen as persons of great patience and virtue. They firmly believe that honesty is the best policy, they value dignity and integrity more than their life, if there is any incident occurs questioning their integrity and attitude then they can even go to the extent of losing their life and prove to this world that they are clean. If anybody asks me the best number in numerology or the best dates to born, then without doubt the number which comes to my mind is number 3.

The most lovable and humane number of all in numerology. Though number 3 born people may look strict and tough while giving orders to their subordinates they are in fact a baby with a golden heart, which has abundant love for humanity. Traditions and number 3 goes hand to hand, 3 born people are people of traditions and religious, they never give up their family traditions easily and can never accept any new trend in culture or tradition. Hence they value old traditions and principles very much. Magnanimous are people born on number 3 ! these people can never do anything out of their own selfish interest but they always go by law of dharma.

As a person of self-integrity they never go and ask help for anyone, hence they themselves take all burden in doing a work. Whatever problems or challenges may come, they will face it alone and single. They will not seek others help, but that doesn’t mean they are introverts, they are people of magnanimity who doesn’t even wish to give others a slightest possibility of discomfort. More than their personal work, they are motivated in doing service oriented works and anything which benefits public.

Whatever post they hold, they never envy of their higher officials or desire to get promoted. They are holistically peaceful and contented in wherever or whatever they are. Number 3 people possess keen intellect and wisdom, they are heart ruled people who trust their heart and not their head ! Number 3 is ruled by Jupiter which is the Lord of Knowledge and Wisdom. If Jupiter is strong in a person’s chart then that person will acquire enormous knowledge and wisdom, 3 is also responsible for progeny. Number 3 is said to be the good Samaritan in numerology as its path is the path of love.