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Numerology Number 3



In my previous posts we  saw about the traits of number 1 and number 2 born people. Now i will share about the nature and characteristics of number 3 people. Before going to analyze the characteristics of number 3 people, let us get to know the roots of number 3. This world is made up of energy components, the yin and yang energy or the male and female energy or call it as shiva and shakti, the universe if made of energy and its energy fields which rule this earth and us. What does energy got to do with this number 3 ? Well, number 3 signifies energy fields in numerology. People born on 3,12,21,30 comes under number 3 born. Number 3 is synonymous with motivation and tireless hard work and has produced finest leaders to this world. Number 3 people can be seen as greatest leaders, patriots, Marine commandos, defense officers,socialists and finest personalities.

Basic Traits

By birth number 3 born people are humble, simple, and obedient to elders and their higher officials. They can be seen as persons of great patience and virtue. They firmly believe that honesty is the best policy, they value dignity and integrity more than their life, if there is any incident occurs questioning their integrity and attitude then they can even go to the extent of losing their life and prove to this world that they are clean. If anybody asks me the best number in numerology or the best dates to born, then without doubt the number which comes to my mind is number 3.

The most lovable and humane number of all in numerology. Though number 3 born people may look strict and tough while giving orders to their subordinates they are in fact a baby with a golden heart, which has abundant love for humanity. Traditions and number 3 goes hand to hand, 3 born people are people of traditions and religious, they never give up their family traditions easily and can never accept any new trend in culture or tradition. Hence they value old traditions and principles very much. Magnanimous are people born on number 3 ! these people can never do anything out of their own selfish interest but they always go by law of dharma.

As a person of self-integrity they never go and ask help for anyone, hence they themselves take all burden in doing a work. Whatever problems or challenges may come, they will face it alone and single. They will not seek others help, but that doesn’t mean they are introverts, they are people of magnanimity who doesn’t even wish to give others a slightest possibility of discomfort. More than their personal work, they are motivated in doing service oriented works and anything which benefits public.

Whatever post they hold, they never envy of their higher officials or desire to get promoted. They are holistically peaceful and contented in wherever or whatever they are. Number 3 people possess keen intellect and wisdom, they are heart ruled people who trust their heart and not their head ! Number 3 is ruled by Jupiter which is the Lord of Knowledge and Wisdom. If Jupiter is strong in a person’s chart then that person will acquire enormous knowledge and wisdom, 3 is also responsible for progeny. Number 3 is said to be the good Samaritan in numerology as its path is the path of love.

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  • radhika

    Is name no 3 compatible for a person born under birth nd lifepath no. combination as 6 & 8

    • Not compatible, when lifepath is 8, only name number 5 is compatible, 1 is compatible but still not as compatible as 5

  • hari prasad b

    sir, my name is harinath b as per my birthcertificate n date of birth is 3 11 1977. tell me suitable name for me.. everyone call me hariprasad . but i write hariprasad b . which name is correct for me. if i need any alteration tel me sir pls. thank u. whn i wil get married .

  • hari prasad b

    hello sir . thank for replying.. my birth number is 3

    • Hariprasad B comes 30, which is a good number, it will make you a very good person, but it is of no use in terms of making money or becoming famous. Now you have a choice, either to be a beautiful soul in the midst of chaotic society or to join them in pursuing fame n wealth.

  • ashish vyas


    My son’s DOB is 3rd Sept 2009. Is name “ANARVA ashish vyas” compatible with his DOB? Is name “ANARVA VYAS” also good? which one is more compatible with DOB?


    • ANARVA ASHISH VYAS is not at all compatible, but ANARVA VYAS is very much compatible

  • Arveem

    Dear Sir Saravanarajendra,

    I’m ARVEEM
    My D.O.B is 30-09-1985
    What’s your opinion on my name?

    My sister’s name is PRIVEENAH
    Her D.O.B is 02-12-1991
    She’s not doing well in her studies and it’s worrying. Please kindly advice on her strongest name number and suggestions of name spelling.

    • Her name is not good at all, its a dull number (38) make it as 27, and she will excel in studies like anything

  • ashish vyas

    Thank you very much for the reply saravanarajendra.
    ANARVA ASHISH VYAS (45) and ANARVA VYAS (27) both seem to have same number “9”. May I ask why ANARVA ASHISH VYAS is not compatible but ANARVA VYAS is?

    Thanks and Regards

  • Sumesh


    By name, am a number 3. But i wanted to know, mentioning my name as Sumesh Madhusoodhanan (84=12=3) is better or mentioning it as Sumesh M (30 =3) is more better?

    Kindly suggest.


  • Uday Kumar

    Hi sir,
    I heard that having name number in 3 (like 3,12,21,30,…etc) is not at all good to everyone. It benefits only to those who are born under 3 or with lifepath 3. What is the reason for this? I was called mostly Uday(=12) and my dob is 05/Nov/1986. I earned name and fame as good leader, orator and helping person. But my academic %ges were dratsically dropped and my lovelife is not successful.

    • The calling name is also important, as it affects every day activities, in your casem its 12. 12 is not a good one in number 3 series, it has a sad aura to it. One of the common problems of number 3 in name is that they help everyone and others get benefited from them, but they will not attain the same feat which they made others to achieve.

  • Deepak

    my nakshatra is revathi. i was born on 30-june-1986. morning 9.00 A.M. some say that my name is wrong. My name is Deepak reddy. it should de they,tho,cha,chi

    • people start their name’s first letter based on constellations, but its no harm if you dont follow it. Your name is good.

  • sobana

    hey my name is Sobana Balakrishnan DOB 03.02.1983, i’d like to know my compatability with a person born on 08.11.1983, Thanks.

  • sree

    Dear sir

    The Numbers are 1Birth number ie 19 & 9 as life path, so 1 and 9 . jupiter/mercury in own houses, which number u prepare the best , if 3-shall i go with 30 or 39 , or 5 series,

    Kindly mail me the good numbers in 3 series and 5 series which u prepare the most benefic.

  • Moira

    Sir, please write information on number 48. There is so little information on this number. How does it work for a lifepath 11/2, birth date 22/4 and full birth name 109? Thank you very much,

  • Deepak

    My name is Deepak reddy and date of birth is 30-06-1986. I want a sucessful political career or i want to be a civil servant. Did my birth name and number support my ambition.

  • nupur

    my d o b is 3 oct 1991 and life path no 6..is it a good combination..i am a student..

  • Sachin

    My DOB is 03-Feb-1978 and life path no is 3…is it good combination….but i didn’t get any type of success in life…i am using name Sachin Mohanlal Panpaliya…
    Which name is better Sachin M Panpaliya or Sachin Mohanlal Panpaliya

  • Sumesh

    Dear Sir,
    I would be very glad if you suggest the name number for the people who were born on 12th with life path number as 31=4. I was born on May 12, 1976 and my name is Sumesh Subramanian, kindly suggest if there any changes has to be done to my name to lead a better and successful life. Also, suggest me what should be my career preference job or business? Kindly suggest. Waiting for your early and positive reply
    Thanks Regards

  • boongkodi ponnusamy

    Hi! my name is boongkodi ponnusamy born on 3rd nov 1967. I am mostly called as kodi. please advise me if i wanted to change my name how should it be spelled. and also tell me if my calling name kodi is good. what name number is good for me?

  • Ram

    Hello My numbers are 5 and the total is 3 that is 30 according to my dob it is 6 and 4 that is 31, after reading no. 5 and 3, I know 5 and 3 is correct. My name total is 42 with initial 45 but the people call me as above and that is 7 I have another nam that is 24 only used by family members.

    Any advice would be greatly appriciated.

  • Sujatha.A

    Hi Mr.Saravana.. My name is Sujatha(=21) and my fullname(surname+sujatha) totals to 39. My DOB is 29th July 1983(2 & 3). I got married but going to get divorced soon. I am successful in my career but my personal life is so disturbed. I sign as Sujatha.A(=22). Is my name matching with my dob? Please give me a solution. Also give me your opinion on the following name.
    What are the names to be used by me for official purposes(fullname), signature and calling? Waiting for your incredible reply.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Sujatha.A

    Hi sir, please reply me.

  • P.Saritha

    Hi Sir,

    My relatives baby boy born on 21-06-2010. please suggest which is compatable to name him pothan kumar, pothan, poshan. Thank you:)

  • Hi,
    Numerology has become new learning expedition for myself as I recently received a mini-numerology report that I found quite intriguing.

    3 Represents My Birth #
    4 Represents My Expression, Inner Dreams & Destiny #
    5 Represents My Life Path #
    9 Represents My Soul Urge #

    I am currently still sorting through all of the information I have come upon and utilizing it to determine more and further expand what I have already discovered & learned in this process. I welcome any suggestions or information you wish to share with myself. I subscribed to feeds, your twitter account and provided my blog for your perusal in this post…

    All The Best, Jeannie

    The name I used in determining my information was that which I was born.

    • Jeannie,
      The report you received was based on pythagorean numerology. which is different from chaldean numerology – the most ancient one. Though some concepts are alike, major areas differ.

  • sujatha a

    My name is Sujatha.A date of birth is 21-9-1979 time 12.10am night(20-9-1979)
    Please tell me how should my name be.
    Please reply

    • Your current numerology name number comes 22, you can either use Sujatha or change your name, the change of name is decided from what you want to become in your life

  • Aniettra

    My daughter’s DOB 21-4-2007, lifepath 7, her numerical name number total 33, should I change it to 21?
    Also my DOB 19, lifepath 8; I changed my name number to (23+9 =32. ) will the 23 and 32 be in conflict? Please advice.

  • Rangayya

    My Son’s DOB is 11-Dec-2009. I named him as Anunay as per Numerology. How is this. Is it compatible?

    Thank you for your help.

  • Er.

    in Portuguese: Voce poderia falar sobre o númer 48? É azarado, não é? (principalmente quando o número da alma é 17 e o número da personalidade é 31?).

    Obrigado quanto ao que puder se pronunciar.


  • Prashan

    hello sir my name is PRASHAN SACHENDRA LIYANAGE and i was born in 1986.november .03 please let me know your opinion on my name
    many thanks

  • sudarshan

    Born on 10 – 01 -1981 and my name is Sudarshan. my name counts to 3 as per numerology and my lifepath is 3. I am turning 30 in the year 2011.. Any good for me..

  • sudarshan

    sudarshan – 30
    signature: gvsudarshan – 39
    10 – 01 – 1981 – 21
    age to be 30 in 2011
    is the year 2011 going to be a good year.. Coz with 2009 and 2010 i dint have much of good times. had sometime to put a base for myself with regard to career and building up stronger base for a stronger career growth and goal.

  • Jamaal

    how strong is my “3”. My britdhay is September 12 1984, and my soul urge number is 3. In astrology I have 4 planets in the 3rd house. Jupiter is the ruler of the third house.

  • Liane

    Hi, born 3 February 1962.
    Name Liane G.A. Burgess
    Can you please tell me what my name should be in.
    Many, many thanks.

  • Dhanasekar

    I m P.Dhanasekar born on Nov 21st 1984 what is my number and hw my compatability

  • Sathish Ramanathan

    Hi Saravana,

    I’m born on 3-feb-1972, with a lifepath 6. I tried No.1 but it created lot of tensions… Trying No. 6 (51) Though I suffer from many diseases, I lead rather a peaceful life. They say that a 3 born person should never have their name in 51, I beg to differ in the case of lifepath 6 persons… what is your opinion.


  • N.B.S.Hari

    my name alterd from my friend…… N.B.S.hari. d.o.b is 21/9/1982. every body call hari only, TELL ME IT IS CORRECT OR NOT?

  • Eric

    Im an entertainer. 4-17-1962 is a 30/3. We motivate, uplift, inspire others with our verbal powers. Look in books, see famous ones like me…

  • Kate

    Hi..What are the most suitable name numbers for a person born on 30-10-1996? Please advise…

  • Dreamgirl Nupi

    wow ..gr8 🙂

  • Better sign as Girija N than Girija Nair

  • Hafiz Kamal30


  • Oajasvi Sharma

    my name is oajasvi sharma & dob is 21-6-1997
    please tell me how should my name be .

  • Promilagrover

    My date of birth is 12/9/1954 and my name is Promila Grover . Pls advise if I should be doing anything specific to improve my life.. Thank you.

  • srinivas

    My date of Birth is 03-9-2011. My name is g.srinivasulu .people call me as srinivas and seenu.recently i changed my name as srenivasulu advised by numerologist. I want to know this is good for me or not

  • Iamnsnr

    Dear sir,

    My DOB:30 aug 1987.

    I want to change my name as **N.rrishi varma** Please suggest me whether it is correct name or I need change?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Jazzai_joson0313

    good day saravanarajendra my name is Mary Grace Meneses birthday is december 13, 1979 and my partner in life is June Joson his birthday is June 3, 1977 kindly tell us about our career and love will lead us .., thank you.  more power

  • Pravin

    My name is Pravin and DOB is 30 June 1988.
    Is it good name by DOB also let me know about my future….

  • ApurvaRawat

    Hello sir,

    Please help me. I am borm on 3 April 1992, I want to know my career.
    I m very passionate and ambitious and recently got placed in reputed IT company.
    Please tell my future.

  • Hsmayappa

    Dear Sir, My name is Mayappa Sangannawar Date of birth is 30-09-1977 Please tell me how should my name be. Please reply me sir

  • Aishwarrya

    Are the 3 borns esp 21 borns, unruly as kids?

  • disqus_iiM14Kwqbo

    My name is Leandre Mowatt and i was born on 12-12-1986

  • Asha


    My name is Asha Kumari.B.Date of birth is 21-03-1987(1:20 pm)Is it okay for the name r how should it be for better prospects in career and life
    Please reply

  • disqus_rliYSwSEup

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