Next US president Romney or Obama? Numerology analysis


Next US President - Numerology Analysis

Romney and Numerology

The US presidential election is on November 6th, and there has been a lot of discussion going about who will the next presidential election. By the time I write this post, there is a second round of debate going on. We as numerologists, analyzed who will be the likely president of US in the forthcoming elections.

The winning president will be the 45th president of USA. Now, the election happens on November 6th 2012, with life path 4, and Romney is a 12 born with life path 9, the president election is for 45th president of USA. Mitt Romney comes 37 which is a royal star number in numerology and has reflected in his entire career. Key numbers for Romney are 3,9,1 and election date 6 and 4 life path. For Obama, it is 4,2,8 and 6 and 4. The year is 2012 which is number 5 ruled by mercury. As per the traditional Chaldean analysis, the polls may be close and Romney has great chance to pull off a victory in this election.



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