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Saturn and Astrology

Most people ask me whether they are saturn ruled or not, Hence we will know about the glossary of saturn in this post. First let us know about the astrological details of saturn.

Saturn is one of the Natural malefic planet in astrology. Unless or otherwise Saturn is an ascendant lord for a person, it is always meant to produce malefic results. Though Saturn is widely considered as the most malefic and dangerous planet it is infact a Saintly Planet. Saturn is a highly spiritual planet, the role of saturn is to cleanse ones sin’s and past karmic impressions and free them from chain of re-births. He is responsible for giving judgment on basis of ones karma.

All bad karma of a person will come into effect during saturn’s period in his chart, or during saturn transits to his moon sign. If a person suffers badly in saturn ruling period (called dasha’s or bukthi’s or anthra) then it means he is paying for his karma’s done in this life or the previous ones !

Saturn rules signs Aquarius and Capricorn.  If a person belongs to any one of this ascendant, then they are 100% ruled by saturn. Ascendant is called the sign rising on the eastern horizon during one’s birth. Ascendant is the most important factor in one’s life. Ascendant lord is considered to be the soul benefactor of a person. When saturn is ascendant lord, then such person are not affected by saturn during saturn periods, since saturn is the highest benefactor for them.

Saturn is a windy planet, hence rules the vayu tattva in the universe. Ageism is also caused by saturn, when saturn is strong and benefic then such person will be robust in health and live longer life and vice versa when saturn is weak and posited as malefic.

Saturn loves yoga, meditation and ascetics. To become a ascetic, a person should have a strong saturn influence in their life, otherwise they cannot be ascetics.  Saturn rules Saturday, in numerology its denomination is number 8. Saturn is a contracting planet who contracts our desires, our karma’s and our illusions thereby providing wisdom, in the same way jupiter is expanding planet which expands ones wealth, health, knowledge and luxury.

Saturn is the estranged son of Sun, Sun and Saturn are considered to enemies which can be clearly seen as Sun’s exaltation sign aries is saturn’s debilitation sign and Saturn’s exaltation sign libra is Sun’s debilitation sign.

Saturn is extremely strong in its exaltation sign Libra, when Saturn is exalted in a person’s chart, then they are considered to be extremely fortunate and such persons are near to attaining enlightenment in their life.

Venus is the most friendly planet for saturn, its evident that number 8 borns and 6 borns will be friendly to each other, and will be attracted to each other. Venus is the fortune bringing planet for ascendants aquarius and capricorn.

Unless a saturn ruled  person is practicing yoga or meditation, they will tend to be extremist in nature, by being lazy or hyper active, timid or violent, over confidence or lack of confidence, empathy or sadism, love or hate, peace or terrorism. Saturn brings extreme traits in persons to make them understand that the purpose of life is to throw both Rajas Guna and Tamas Guna but to be in Sattva Guna. We will discuss about gunas in next post. But Sattva guna means being in neutral state and taking everything as null.

During saturn periods, one must practice yoga or meditation to avoid ill effects of saturn. karma’s can be burnt only through yoga’s , thats the point of planet saturn.

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  1. my ascendent is aquarius….and i am born on 8th june… is saturn malefic to me then ? ? ….i am having delays and denials…in most of the things i do!! 🙁

    thanx..god bless u

  2. my ascendent is aquarius, my moon is capricorn, my fadic 8, born on d 8th zodiac sign (i.e) scorpio, my saturn is in 11th house and in sagittarius.
    And i want to change my name as Koyyel Manotosh Ghwsh. Is it good or shall i use only Koyyel Ghwsh? And is saturn malefic? Should i wear blue sapphire? thanks in advance.

  3. continued #3
    Another thing is, am wearing a diamond 1/4th carat on my first finger right hand since last 2 months. will it help anyways??

    • for aquarius ascendant, jupiter is lord of 2 and 11, its the money giving planet. yellow topaz is lucky, but one should see the position of jupiter and its significators. Same way, blue sapphire should not be wear, as saturn is lord of 1st and 12th house. One can wear diamond, as venus is raj yoga causing planet, but again see where venus is posited in ur chart. wearin a gem stone is very tricky, careful observation is needed.

  4. MY NAME IS SUNIL KUMAR PASUPULETI AND MY D.O.B IS 3-12-1973 MY MAIL ID IS I am undergoing saturn mahadasa with jupiter anthardasa. Had faced the worst I think how is the future?

  5. My DOB 08.01.1983 and Name: Ratul Goswami born on Saturday at 11.10 pm. wearing panna and Perl. i am doing CA (Final) and still struggling. is there any chance of being rich and famous. please tell me something about my future.

  6. I’m confused. My ascendent is Virgo but my sun sign is Capricorn and I’m ruled by Venus because I was born in the second decan. Is that sort of the same as this article is implying?

  7. My birth date is8th august 1992, the birth time is 7:15 PM, place of birth is chennai, please reply when my marriage yogam appears??

    • Looking at your natal chart we see that your lagan is Aquarius and Rashi is Scorpio. You are born under the Jyestha Nakshatra. You are presently in the mahadasha of Venus and antardasha of Mercury since November 2016. Your marriage period is going on and you should put effects in this direction to get the desired results. As Mars is in the 4th house of your horoscope, you are mangalik. Marriage should be done after proper matching of the horoscopes.

    • Looking at your horoscope we see that your ascendant is Aquarius. You are passing through the main period of Venus and sub period of Mercury. The possibility of marriage is very strong in your horoscope and you should be married before September 2019.



  8. Hi, my son diptanshu’s dob is 13/3/12…sohar,Oman….Saturn is in Libra bt retrograde…is it harmful…plz reply

    • Saturn gets exalted in Libra but as Saturn is retrograde it will not give the results of exaltation. To really understand the effects of retrograde Saturn, it is important to read the complete horoscope. You can send your birth details.


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