Numerology – Benefits of Name Change


How Numerology Can Help You?

Name Change according to Numerology If the name you change according to numerology is not compatible with your date of birth or life path number then the benefits of number will not be acquired even if number changed is very lucky one, hence its a must to change the name by considering ones life path number and date of birth. For e.g. if a persons life path number is 1, or date of birth 10,19,1,or 28 then that person can keep their name as 37 or 46 instead of 33 or 41, In this case all the above mentioned numbers are very lucky but its 37 or 46 which will really make wonders in that persons life.

When a name is changed to 5 or 6 value with the help of a numerologist, then one can experience unexplainable changes in ones mind and also physical structure. If a person changes his name to 5, then unexplainable feelings can be experienced as there is a rapid change of mind, and if name is changed to 6, then that person’s physical aura changes, and great energy is obtained. physical endurance is obtained when name is changed to 6.

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