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Learning To Read Your Astroprofile Birth Chart

Learning to read your astroprofile or birth chart is something everyone interested in astrology should do. Your astro-profile is the chart that is created...


Zodiac Signs

Leo the Lion

Sign: Leo the Lion Dates: July 23rd through August 22nd Planet: The Sun Element: Fire Life Pursuit: Leo’s seek to lead the way and be a star while...
Virgo the Virgin

Virgo the Virgin

Aries the Ram

Aries the Ram


The Basics of Reading Tarot Cards: A How to

Learning how to read tarot cards requires you to develop both your knowledge of the cards and your intuition. It takes time and dedication,...
Tarot Card Spreads

Tarot Spreads

Minor Arcana - Swords

Minor Arcana – Swords

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Number 9 in Numerology

Numerology Number 9

So far we have seen nature of 8 different numbers, In this post we will analyze about the persons who reformed this world and...

The Wonders of Number 7

Cosmic Wonder 7 in Numerology 7 is the most highly researched number in all schools of numerology. The importance of number 7 is so extensive,...
numerology number 58 and 67

Numerology Number 58 and 67

Numerology Number 58 Number 58 in Numerology consists of mercurial number 50 and Saturn 8. With both ruling planets of numbers are friendly and compatible to each...
top 10 worst numbers in Numerology

Top 10 worst numbers (as first name) in numerology

Top 10 worst numbers in numerology (as first name) I have mentioned many times about the importance of first name in ones full name, as...
Anma Yoga

Anma Yoga – Realization of Brahman through Atman (anma)

ANMA YOGA LAUNCH We have recently launched our school of yoga "Anma Yoga". It is not a mere yoga center which teaches hath yoga, but...