Thursday, July 27, 2017


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The Seven Chakra Colors

Chakra colors are the first thing you notice when you first begin to learn about the chakras. Each chakra has a different color, and...


Zodiac Signs

TV Couples Astrological Love Compatibility: An In-Depth Analysis

These television couples have seen it all and been through most of it. What kept them together throughout the years? What caused their greatest...


Minor Arcana – Swords

In the minor arcana it is important to note that the face cards can often mean a physical person coming into your life. Their...
Death Tarot Card

Death Tarot Card Meaning

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Sponsor a Meal Today for the Needy – Know Why?

Sponsor a Meal Today and Become a Millionaire For some part of the world, this is quite the end of a day, nevertheless this post...

My Experiences with Number 80

Numerology Name Number 80 Almost after 5 months of hiatus, I return to blogging with an interesting article piece. In fact, it is a well...
Numerology and Politics

Numerology and Politics

Numerology and Politics Ever imagined that numbers can influence too in the field of politics? Well, the answer is definitely Yes ! Numerology and politics...

Chaldean Numerology Origin

Chaldean Numerology Origin The science and history of Chaldean Numerology is one of the ancient in history of mankind. Numerology originated 5000 years ago, and...
Hypnotic Number 29

Number 29 – The Power of Body and Mind

Hypnotic Number 29 in Numerology Do you know that there are numbers which have powers of hypnotism? Well, the number 29 (as a name number...