What to Expect During a Past Life Reading


Knowing what to expect during a past life reading will help you be prepared and make the most from your experience. There is a lot of confusion surrounding a past life reading and knowing what to expect will help you avoid disappointment and frustration. The most important thing to understand is that you probably weren’t someone famous, and that a past life reading isn’t about the future, but about understanding the history of your soul and achieving healing in this life. It’s important to know that a past life reading is different than a past life regression. A reading simply lays out what happened to you like a story. Some readers may write what they learn to you for you to read, others may tell you what they’ve learned, but you discover all the information in a secondhand fashion. With past life regression, you are brought to a place where you can see and experience your past life again. It is a very different experience than a reading and requires a different sort of clairvoyant to help you with it.

What to Expect During a Past Life Reading

Reincarnation: Understanding a Past Life Reading

In order to understand a past life reading, you must first understand the basics of reincarnation. Reincarnation is the rebirthing of the soul in a new body. There are different views of how and why this happens, but the most common belief is that the soul reincarnates so that it can learn all the lessons life has to offer. No one, single, life is able to live every choice and learn every lesson that we can possibly experience and so the soul is born over and over again until it has learned all there is to learn at which point it can move on. The key to understanding why a past life reading is important is to understand that while your soul is the same, your mental and emotional abilities are completely new and different. This is what allows the soul to experience new lessons each time. The purpose of the past life reading is to help you understand the root of who you are, the basics of what your soul is.

Things that happened in your past life will affect your current life, though you probably won’t have the exact same experiences. Instead you’ll feel a sort of soul echo when something from your past life affects your current life. For example, you may have had a traumatic experience with the ocean in a past life and now you have a fear of drowning and no idea why! The purpose of a soul or past life reading is to help you connect with yourself on a deeper level, so that you can understand who you are and why you are the way you are. No past life reading gives insight into the future because the soul doesn’t know what awaits it.

The benefits of a past life reading

Choosing to have a past life reading done is a great way to help establish the reasons for things that you may find triggering so that you can begin to heal yourself and your soul. It gives us a newer, better way to connect with the creator and helps our soul finish learning the lessons that it was meant to learn so that it can grow, evolve and eventually move on.  You can learn more about psychics and past readings here.


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