Friday, October 20, 2017


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Methods of Divination: Crystal Gazing

Crystal gazing is often viewed as a way to tell the future. The phrase crystal gazing conjures images of a hunch backed gypsy woman...


Zodiac Signs

Do Cancer and Leo Have Matching Signs?

Leo is ruled by the sun and Cancer is ruled by the moon, when Cancer and Leo come together it can be a beautiful...
Cancer and Aquarius horoscope matching

Cancer and Aquarius


Minor Arcana – Wands

The final suit of the minor arcana is the wands. Minor Arcana Wands cards tend to be a bit more positive than the swords...
Minor Arcana - Swords

Minor Arcana – Swords

Death Tarot Card

Death Tarot Card Meaning

More Astronlogia

The Concept of Numerology

What is Numerology? The concept of Numerology is an ancient science of numbers, Babylonians found out that each day of a month contains a particular...
Eastern Astrology

Eastern Astrology And How It Differs From Western Astrological Beliefs

Astrology in Eastern cultures is different than it is in Western cultures. There are two main types of astrology that most people use, Hindu...
Virtual Tarot

Should I try a Virtual Tarot?

Virtual tarot is not the best way to get an accurate reading. The best tarot readings are done by people that can physically contact...
Telepathy communication


Telepathy is the ability of humans and other creatures to communicate via the mind without speech or body language. It is a form of...
Scorpio the Scorpion Love Horoscope

Love Horoscope Reading for Scorpio, the Scorpion

Scorpio Love Horoscope:  A Stubborn Astrology Sign A Scorpio love horoscope can be a difficult thing to write. Scorpio is the sign of transformation, yet...