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Love Compatibility Horoscope for Libra The Scales

A good Libra love horoscope compatibility report will cover both the positives and negatives associated with both being a Libra and being with a...
Leo Love Horoscope

Leo Love Horoscope

Gemini Love Horoscopes

Gemini Love Horoscope

Telepathy communication





Zodiac Signs

Gemini the Twins

Sign: Gemini the Twins Dates: May 21st through June 20th Planet: Mercury Element: Air Life Pursuit: Gemini seek to do a little bit of everything but stay ahead...
Aries and Gemini Compatibility

Aries and Gemini


Cancer the Crab


Minor Arcana Reversed – Cups

Many people take the reversed tarot card meanings to be negative, but they are necessary for a full understanding of your reading. No one's...
Minor Arcana Wands

Minor Arcana – Wands

Reverse Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

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Barack Obamas Numerology

Barack Obama’s Numerology

Barack Obama -  The president elect of USA, and soon to become the most powerful man in the world ! Unlike other presidents of...
horoscope matching

Matching With Others Based On Your Horoscope

Horoscope matching involves using a natal or birth chart to determine whether two people are meant to be together. While all branches of astrology...

Mayan Calendar 2012

The Mayan Calendar 2012 - End of world on 21st December 2012? There has been numerous posts and talks about this date December 21st 2012...

Numerology Analysis on Pope’s of Roman Catholic Church

Featured Post of the Month This week's featured post is about the numerology analysis of various pope's of the roman catholic church. Pope is the...
New Year 2012

New Year 2012 Predictions

New Year 2012 Predictions Happy New year for all ! This is my first post in 2012, and obviously i want to brief about the state...