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Chaldean Numerology Calculator Table

Use our Chaldean Numerology Calculator Use table to calculate your name. The above table uses Chaldean Numerology System for assigning values into each and every alphabet.

The Name  Michael Jackson comes 44 in numerology. When you substitute the letters of the names to values of Chaldean numerology, the numerology value of the name 44 is arrived.

You can find the numerology value of your name and your life path number using Numerology Calculator below. Just enter your name below to find out the name value, and life path number.




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  1. Please help me to tune my name , have many health issue, from Malaysia, contact number is +[hidden] my email is [hidden], please help me

  2. sir
    dear astronlogia
    i read/studied very deeply all the A to Z’s in Astronlogia, but i don’t get any solution about myself
    can you please help me sir….
    i am very thank full to you.
    my legal name is – Rudra Pratap Singh comes in 56=2, first part 15=6, second part 24=6, third part 17=8…
    first and last name part comes under = 32
    second and last name part comes under = 41
    first and second name part comes under = 39
    initials name part r p singh comes under = 27
    i officially achieved Doctorate (Phd) Degree so I can also use Doctor Rudra Pratap Singh now it comes under = 83
    my nick name is – sanjay comes in 12=3
    10/05/1972 is my dob, under 10/25 or 1/7 – day number and life path number.
    i am contractor as my profession.
    please suggest me the best personal name for my construction business and real estate business.


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