How to calculate the Numerology value of your Name?


Calculate Your Name Numerology Value

Happy Navratri Days For All of You!

This post should have been my first one, but its never too late to post it now. Most people dont know to calculate their numerological value of their name. Also, many people have so many doubts about the division of ones name which includes  First Name, Middle Name, Last Name or First Name alone or First Name, Second Name or More than Three divisions of name like a lengthy one with more than three names.

I will provide the value of letters and ways to calculate your name. In this post, we will see how numerology effects are seen for the divisions of names. And also the ideal way to name a person or ones child.

The Chaldean Numerology Values of Letters are

A=1    D=4  G=3

B=2    E=5   H=5

C=3    F=8    I=1

J=1     K=2   L=3

M=4   N=5  O=7

P=8    Q=1   R=2

S=3     T=4  U=6

V=6     W=6  X=5

Y=1      Z=7

Lets see how to calculate ones name in the following types,

1)  Adolf Hitler can be split in two ways Adolf as first name and Hitler as Last name, now calculating the value of the name Adolf = 1+4+7+3+8 = 23, the name  Hitler = 5+1+4+3+5+2= 20. Adding the two names comes 43.

Now lets see the prediction for this name, The overall effect of this name is number 43, hence the ultimate end of this persons life will be based on effects of number 43. But this overall effect will bear the effects of those two numbers 20 and 23.

Adolf Hitler’s fanatism and Nascism is attributed due to number 43, number 43 makes a person so fanatical with some idiotic theologies and ideas which is mainly a religious one. His hatred towards jews is a trademark example of number 43. Also, number 43 denotes the downfall of one person due to his fanatic ideas and unsympathetic attitude. This number also denotes a fanatic approach towards religion.

One more trait of number 43 is that the person with this name number mostly never gets married, or gets married very late in their life, if they get married early or at right age then they get separated and live a lonely life. Hitler got married moments before he committed suicide.

The never dying fame, popularity and his stupendous success (shortime) can be attributed towards the presence 0f number 23. And his acts of lunacy and mental imbalance is attributed by number 20. But the overall result will be that of number 43, which sealed his fate.

This is a sample i have taken to to show how name numerology comes into effect. In this case, there is only First Name, Last name. But some names have middle name also, then the result will have traits of value of middle name too.

Ideal Way to Name

The best way to keep ones name is to restrict with only one name. Like First Name alone. In this way, the person can gets the complete power of that name without the influence of other names like last name or middle name.

For E.g.  A Name like Aryan which comes 10 in numerology, hence a person with name Aryan alone will get the complete result of number 10.

Krishna comes 19, hence the person with name Krishna alone without any surnames or middle name will get the complete effects of number 19.

One can even have name with First Name and Last name, in this way the overall effect will bear the effect of two values. Hence, its wise to choose a name which has auspicious First name value, Last name value and overall value.

If a name has more than First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, then that name will bear the effects of the corresponding values.

Have a Great Navratri days one again!