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    astronlogia.com – now in my rss reader)))

  • http://astronlogia.com saravanarajendra


    There is a black color RSS headlines at the right side of the page, you can click it and subscribe.

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  • Numerology consultant

    According to numerology, there are nine stereotypes of the primary numbers one to nine. Each person has a specific number assigned to him/her at the time of birth itself. Each number signifies energy, vibration and various other personality traits. With the study of these numbers a person’s past, present and future can be very well predicted by a good numerologist. For past thousands of years numerology has been dealt very seriously in terms of teachings, research and studies. It also signifies a deep relationship between the mosaic of numbers and the individuality of a person concerned.

  • http://www.facebook.com/johnny.jupiter.huelliwuman Johnny Jupiter Huelliwuman

    my name is FAZZA TAREK MEHMOOD KHUWAJA making a 96=15=6 with 10 vowels and 14 consonants…which if you see making a 51 at innerself….is it right for me to keep this name number in 96?

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