Numerology – The Royal Star of the Man


The Royal Star of the Man in Numerology

In my previous posts, i have discussed about numbers like 37 and 23 which are said to be the royal star of the bull and royal star of the lion in numerology. Now we will see about another spectacular number which belongs to the four royal star of the earth. The number 51 called the royal star of the man in numerology. It possesses great magical powers like its counterparts. Among the numbers which comes under the family of 6 like 24,42,33, this one is considered to be the most luckiest and powerful number ! this number denotes sudden jump to fame and popularity, from rags to riches.

Person having their name(numerology) value 51 will hold very high places and posts, Their body and mind will possess extraordinary energy to think and act, these people possess flawless endurance and abundant energy in them, they are highly imaginative and their emotions flow like a wild river. They can work like a machine without knowing the meaning of tiredness or fatigue. As rightly said, they have a strength and power that of a lion, and no one can defeat them in terms of energy and their power. They are gifted with both physical and psychic strength. 51 also helps in accumulating huge masses of wealth and fame, people with number 51 should be cautious enough not to hurt anyone’s emotions.