Monday, May 22, 2017


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Buddhism Reincarnation

Buddhism reincarnation is a fundamental part Buddhism. There are many misunderstandings about reincarnation and what beliefs Buddhism has about it. It is simultaneously a...


Zodiac Signs

The Cardinal Sign of the Water Trigon, Cancer the Crab

Sign: Cancer the Crab Dates: June 21st through July 22nd Planet: The Moon Element: Water Life Pursuit: Cancers seek to feel safe through constant reassurance and intimacy. Cancer Horoscope...


Minor Arcana Reversed – Swords

When the cards are reversed many people believe they are nothing more than bad omens, but a good tarot reading includes both the regular...
Minor Arcana - Swords

Minor Arcana – Swords

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Name Number 31 in Numerology

Number 31 in Numerology In today's post we are going to see about the meaning of numerology number 31 when used as name, and not...

The Fall of Nithyananda – Saturn’s Fury

The Fall of Nithyananda Good Day!  Its March 7th 2010,  I am back to my blogging days after a short hiatus. This time we will discuss...
Aries Love Horoscope

A Simple Relationship Horoscope for Aries the Ram

Aries love horoscope should cover both the Aries personality and how to win their heart. Aries personalities are great at the romance of a...

Lucky Numbers in Numerology – Part II

Numerology Lucky Numbers In the Part I of Numerology Lucky Numbers, I gave the lucky numbers in numerology from number 1 to number 6 series...
Star Wars Numerology Analysis

Classic Star Wars Numerology Character Analysis

Ever wondered about the classic Star Wars Numerology?   Well, look no further! Star Wars Numerology: Heroes Luke Skywalker Numerology Number: 3 Positives: Youthful, Dynamic, Inspiring Negatives: Extravagant, Impatient,...