Tuesday, September 19, 2017


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The Sacral Chakra: The 2nd Chakra

The 2nd chakra, the Sacral chakra, is the center of all our emotion, sensuality and creativity. It's energy is characterized by ebb, flow and...


Zodiac Signs

Do Cancer and Leo Have Matching Signs?

Leo is ruled by the sun and Cancer is ruled by the moon, when Cancer and Leo come together it can be a beautiful...


Death Tarot Card Meaning

Death tarot card is one of the most misunderstood and terrifying cards in the tarot deck. Many people see it in a reading and...
Minor Arcana - Ace of Cups

Minor Arcana – Cups

More Astronlogia

Free Astrology Reading

Free Astrology Readings ( Limited Offer till August 1st week) CURRENTLY THE OFFER IS HOLD DUE TO HEAVY REQUESTS, WILL SEND THE REPORTS FOR THOSE...

How to become Rich and famous ? (Using an ancient esoteric technique)

The secret technique that showers abundance wealth Money, Wealth, or Currency is the mantra word which everyone chants in this world, Money is essential and...
Numerology Meaning of Number 30

Numerology Meaning of Number 30

Numerology Name Number 30 - What is the Numerology Meaning of Number 30? This is one of the most underrated numbers in numerology, many people...
Biblical Numerology of Christianity

Numerology of Christianity

  Jesus - The Meaning of the Word Love In this post, we will explore the numerology of Christianity and chronological events in Christianity and numerological...

Numerology Report on Tata Nano

Tata Nano Numerology Analysis The whole world witnessed the launch of Tata Nano on march 23rd, now is Nano gonna bring a benediction for the...