Introducing Guest Blogging for Numerology Enthusiast


Guest Blogging for Numerology Lovers

First time i would like to introduce guest blogging for numerology @ Astronlogia, There are many numerology enthusiast and researchers who wanted to share their knowledge, and i am glad to introduce guest blogging facility for them. Folks who want to share something related to numerology can post content in our blog with their author name. In this way, we can connect various numerologist around the world to one stop place for numerology resource.

All they have to do is just mail me or post a comment about their interest and i will give them access to post their very own numerology related content with all the author privileges. First i will examine the post, and if its genuine and original content then the content will published through its author. Numerology Guest Blogging is introduced mainly to share the expertise and experiences of people who are practicing or have applied numerology in their life. This way, everyone can be part of astronlogia.


  1. Hello Astronlogia,

    This is not the right place to write this but I don’t know exactly where I could say this. May be you can put up a section for general comments pertaining to the site and not directly about numerology. 🙂

    You have a wonderful website. I had followed and researched numerology few years back when I ran into Linda Goodman’s book, but then lost track of it at one point. But even then I had noticed there there was power in these things.

    Few days back, I again got interested and that is when I ran into this site. Keep it up and wish you all the best for the future.

    I actually wrote to say this and also to ask how come the calculator you had in the right side of the page is gone now? I found that calculator very useful. I hope you don’t permanently remove it.

    Wishing you the best again…



  2. What happened to the Numerology calculator on the right column? Please put it back. If it is a free plugin where can I download it.


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