Numerology – Royal Star Of the Bull

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Royal Star of the Bull in Numerology

Right now its time to know about another splendid number which belongs to Royal Star of the Bull. 37 is considered to be the number of Adonis by the gurus who mastered numerology ! in fact 37 is very special than 23 (royal star of the lion) in terms of love and romantic relationship. Person having 37 in their name value will have wonderful love life and a great sex life! They will certainly have more friends in the opposite sex. Anyone who wants to taste success in their love life can opt for this number. 37 also denotes zenith of fame and popularity, a contented person with name as 37 will reach the heights of glory ! Julia Roberts comes 37 ! this number is also famous for making millionaires who started their life in an ordinary note but went on to achieve stardom. One of the interesting fact is a person(male) with this value in their name tends to have more than one love affair and can live a life of a Casanova! The power o numerology can be witnessed by this number 37, which is the symbolic number of love.

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  4. M.Murali7 years ago

    hi sir,
    my D.O.B is 14-4-1985,
    as my born is 5 and my life number is 5 and my name is M.Murali
    how the name will prefer and how will be my future.

  5. Akash7 years ago

    What about single numbers. For example "Alia" which totals to 6 by chaldeans calculation is a direct single number. How is such number significant?

    • Author

      saravanarajendra7 years ago

      Each number from 1 to 108 have significance in chaldean numerology. Even number 6 has some unique traits

  6. NumberFairie7 years ago


    I have been following your blog closely. You are right about (male) in 37, because Bill Clinton – adds up to 37.

  7. NumberFairie7 years ago


    Question : The date of birth when added gives 32, so will that have the same effect as 23?

    • Author

      saravanarajendra7 years ago

      no, lifepath is different from name number. Life path shows the path or nature of lifestyle of one person and their acquaintances with other people,thing, and events in this world. Name number decides whether his actions will be fruitful to him or not. Name decides the ultimate results of ones action

  8. pavithra6 years ago

    hi sir,

    Pls ,suggest a correct one from the following names for my son born on 26/04/1999.I am really worrying about him.
    1. v.shyam kumar
    2. R v . shyam kumar
    3 Shyam kumar venkatramani
    4 shyam kumar venkatramni
    but,we call him as SHYAM at home.

    waiting for ur best reply. thanking u.

  9. S VIJAYAN6 years ago


    I have sPent a lot for numerology. got many names. practised many names.

    No clearity. LOst job. married. but struggling a lot.

    Pls kindly help me.

    My original name: S.Vijayan,

    DOB:16.04.1979 at 7.15 am in Tiruttani

    Names which i was given:





    Pls suggest me. Pls save me and family. i beg you sir.

    • Saravana Rajendra6 years ago

      Your name S Vijayan itself is a good one, it comes 19, and 19 is better than 37 or even 46 .I dont know how you signed your name, may be thats where the problem is. but changing names frequently is not good, as it alters the tatva levels in cosmos (i.e cosmic body in you)

      • Svijayan_mba20036 years ago

        Thanks a lot sir. Can i have name in 32. Because i feel more confident in that name number.

  10. Pravin Anthony6 years ago

    Hello thr;

    I would like to comment on the post by S.Vijayan.

    Dear mr.vijay;
    There is nothing wrong with your name, because your name itself equates to number 1 (S.Vijayan = 19).
    Your date of birth equates to number 7, and your destiny number is 1. Usually those who have dates of birth under 2, 4, 7, or 8, are usually advised to follow name numbers which synchronize with their destiny number (if it is lucky).

    As your destiny is already 1, it is very advisable to use name which equate to 1. As your name is already equating to 19, there is no necessity of changing your name any further. There is only the “name activation” procedure, where you have to keep on signing your name for some periods of time (certain period of days, or months), until you see positive changes in your life.

    The reason for your trouble is your own action, as stated by you (“practised many names”). Numerology can give full effects if you stick to one lucky name, and continue using and “empowering” it. Changing names in mid-course, and playing around with name numbers may alter your karma, and cause serious miseries. I am able to give this advice, because I too have gone through such experience. So beware of playing with numbers.

    Ensure your lucky numbers, and practise using number 1 as name, and as lucky date. May you live happily.

    God bless.

  11. s.vijayan6 years ago

    Pravin Sir,
    Thanks a lot for very valuable advice and suggestion on the same.
    And also for your concern like “Others should not suffer like what we had etc”.
    May GOD bless you and your family Sir.
    Let us also wait for AUTHOR’S reply.

  12. Sudhakara Pc6 years ago

    hi sir we have married on 14th jul 2003 as per numerology the date is not good what is suggestion for avoid future problems pls suggest

  13. ka.vejai khumar6 years ago

    my name is ka.vejai khumar it comes 37 can i become film director

    • Jeff Baumann3 years ago

      im making a 37 movie project… hmm.

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  15. Name374 years ago

    Dear Saravana Rajendra,
    Is It good for a person Born on 30th (Day no:3, Life Path no:1 ) Using name number 37?
    PLEASE reply, i’ll be waiting for your reply 🙂
    Name 37

  16. lokeshreddy4 years ago

    sir casanova total alphabets are 8 is 37 its good sign sir pls tel me

  17. Srinivas Rao2 years ago

    18.11.1974 any analysis plz!!!

  18. disqus_rliYSwSEup2 years ago

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