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The Seven Chakras & Psychological Properties

Chakras are the centers of the body that energy flow through. When our chakras are blocked they can make us ill and unable to...


Zodiac Signs

Cancer and Capricorn Relationship Matching

Cancer and Capricorn are traditionally considered to be one of the most perfect astrological pairings. They complement one another beautifully and each is searching...
Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility

Cancer and Scorpio


Minor Arcana – Wands

The final suit of the minor arcana is the wands. Minor Arcana Wands cards tend to be a bit more positive than the swords...
Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Card Readings

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Cancer and Aquarius horoscope matching

Cancer and Aquarius

An Unlikely Zodiac Match - Cancer and Aquarius Cancer and Aquarius is a pairing that will require a lot of work on the part of both...
Scorpio the Scorpion

Passionate and Stubborn: Scorpio the Scorpion

Sign: Scorpio the Scorpion Dates: October 23rd - November 21st Planet: Pluto Element: Water Life Pursuit: The Scorpio wants, not just to survive, but to triumph against oppositions...

Numerology Forecast For April 25th 2011

Numerology Forecast April 25th 2011 Today's Number: 25 Today's Life path: 15 (6) Today's Moon Sign: Capricorn Today's Constellation: Shravana Today's Constellation Lord: Moon Famous persons born today: Al Pacino,...
Numerology Meaning of Number 66

Numerology Meaning of Number 66

Meaning of Number 66 in Numerology Another under rated and not so common name number is number 66. Number 66 is one of the special...
horoscope personality

Reading Into Personalities Using A Horoscope

Introduction to Horoscope Personalities Your horoscope personality is based on your star sign. Each of the signs have positive characteristics and negative traits that define...