Monday, March 27, 2017


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Beauty and the Beast Astrology Readings

Belle Played By: Emma Watson Sign: Aries Those who fall under the sign of Aries are known for being creative, insightful, strong-willed and spontaneous. Who can deny...


Zodiac Signs

Cancer the Crab

Sign: Cancer the Crab Dates: June 21st through July 22nd Planet: The Moon Element: Water Life Pursuit: Cancers seek to feel safe through constant reassurance and intimacy. Personality: Cancers are...
Aquarius the Water Carrier

Aquarius the Water Bearer

Taurus the Bull

Taurus the Bull


Pentacles Reversed

Many amateur tarot readers will leave out the reversed cards because they believe they are all negativity and question who would want that sort...
Reverse Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

Minor Arcana Wands

Minor Arcana – Wands

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Numerology Life Path

What is Life Path in Numerology? Many a things have been said about numerology name numbers, But it is the numerology life path which decides...
Evil Eye Remedies

Top 10 Symptoms of Evil Eye and their Remedies

Evil Eye Symptoms and Remedies for them What is Evil Eye? Evil Eye is an envious look directed at a person that can result in...
Psychic Medium Readings

Medium Readings

When going to a medium for medium readings, it is important to have some good questions in mind and to know what to expect....

Numerology for Actors and Actresses

Movies and Actor's have always fasicanted us, The passion for art in the form of films and acting is global. Now what makes these...
how to protect myself from the bad eye

How to protect yourself from negative energies, evil spirits, evil eye and black magic.

How to protect yourself from negative energies, evil spirits, evil eye and black magic. Most of our viewers have personally mailed me asking me how...