Numerology Number 28


Number 28 in Numerology

Number 28 in Chaldean Numerology is what we are going to discuss now, In my previous post we saw the nature of number 10 in Chaldean numerology. I have already explained the characteristic’s of number 19 in Chaldean numerology in my previous posts.

Unlike other number’s in 1 series, number 28 is considered to unlucky and unwanted. Most of the numbers in 1 series are always desirable to use in name numerology, but number 28 is strictly avoidable.

Number 28 in Chaldean numerology although gives promising success and pleasure initially but gradually tends to reverse the same. The person with name numerology as 28 will face stiff competition and obstacles in all their endeavors. It makes a person to start up his life again and again.

Initially person with this name tends to attain success in a very short span of time, but in the end they lose everything. Apart from that, person having name numerology 28 will suffer heavy losses due to friends and relatives. Losses may be monetary or non-monetary.

When person having this number in their name gives credit to anyone,  they can hardly expect them return back. Money will never be given back to them. This number 28 is generally considered as an unlucky number in Chaldean numerology.